A pleasant ambiance has a decisive influence on the length of time a customer stays in a shop and whether they decide to purchase. The requirements to be met by the light design differ depending on the architecture of the space, type of goods, or target group. The retail sector in particular needs lighting solutions that make spaces as attractive as possible through the use of emotionally appealing, atmospheric lighting. The right lighting highlights and showcases goods.


The CALM lighting concept is characterized by uniform, bright illumination with few shadows. Under this homogeneous and peaceful light, which does not place any particular focus on zoning or goods, the room appears low-key and pleasant. The discreet lighting supports the presentation of goods and interior design with an outstanding lighting effect.


The HIGHLIGHT light concept brings individual products and zones to the fore with very bright, clearly delineated illumination. The intense lighting areas give the whole room a brighter feel. At the same time, they break up the retail area and guide the eye towards the goods on which the focus should fall.


The high-drama lighting scheme with extreme contrasts and tightly limited points of light immediately draws the attention to selected products or zones. The other areas of the room remain somewhat darker. The stage-like arrangement creates visual depth and brings objects to life with highlighted details and stark shadows.


The EXCELLENCE lighting offers a particularly balanced lighting mood for a unique illumination solution. Peaceful and balanced lighting relationships create a pleasant background atmosphere without shadows. A complete lack of glare and superb color reproduction ensure the best possible presentation of the goods. At the same time, the products and design highlights in the space are brought into the limelight clearly and individually. 


A sophisticated lighting concept that heeds individual customer wishes and architectural requirements and perfectly presents the brand is essential for implementing unique projects. Thanks to our many years of experience and the expertise offered by our employees, we create the perfect room atmosphere for your customers through an optimally tailored lighting mood. A retail area bathed in different light looks like a new world. Our light planning experts develop the desired lighting mood to expediently manage people’s perceptions and direct their gaze to specific areas. As experts in shop lighting, we are aware of the high requirements associated with presenting goods in a modern, sales-promoting manner and know how to fulfill them. A lighting concept that considers changes and new configurations from the outset visually blends into the shop concept even after its modification.

These customized lights specially manufactured for this project complete the unique architecture of the shopping center and create an unforgettable shopping experience.


To create effective brand experiences, a store must have a high recognition value, trigger emotions, and be unique. A positive brand experience helps boost sales and enhances customer loyalty. The corporate light concept is an important factor in creating a fully coherent solution. In cooperation with the light planner, the lighting and effects have to be optimally designed to create characteristic lighting moods for the brand. Using lights in colors and shapes tailored to the store design creates a harmonious connection to the brand. Additional customization options, such as an image of the logo, complete the picture.

The fashion label Tally Weijl displays the season’s latest trends in its stores. The entire concept is aimed at a young, fashion-conscious, and creative target group. In the shop in Vienna, the modern design is consistently implemented in white, gold, and pink. The large, color-coordinated, and unconventionally positioned GLORIOUS acts as a highlight and thereby underlines the brand values.

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The CENTRIQ IN stands for excellent performance at a fair price. Due to the well-known design of PROLICHT, the downlight is applicable for different areas in RETAIL. Via the rotational joint arm, the direction of light can be changed easily. The adapter with the integrated driver enables an adaption of the lighting concept in the most flexible way.


To ensure that our products meet the requirements of retail projects around the world, our luminaires are equipped with various country-specific certifications. These seals of approval ensure that our luminaires comply with the standards and regulations, including safety, environmental, quality and performance aspects of the respective countries. As part of the certifications, regular product testing and factory audits are conducted by the testing agencies.