Schubert Pharmacy Pullach

Schubert Pharmacy

Pullach, Germany

Modernity is no stranger to the Schubert pharmacy. Innovative technology in the everyday life of pharmacies as well as the modern furnishings leave no doubt about the professionalism of the company in Pullach, Germany. The bright and modern interior of the Schubert pharmacy immediately makes a sympathetic impression and gives the customer the feeling of being in good hands here.

While the DICE downlights provide comfortable and efficient lighting in the shop area, the MAGIQ wallwashers illuminate the shelves and exhibition walls of the pharmacy in a successful way. In addition, BIONIQ Square recessed spots ensure precise illumination in the consulting area of ??the state-of-the-art Schubert pharmacy.


Lightplanning & Interior Design: raumkontor Innenarchitektur | Photo: Hans Jürgen Landes