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Advanced technology for extraordinary lighting concepts: MAGIQ is a family of sophisticated spotlights that sets the perfect scene for architecture and interior design. Besides the existing MAGIQ WALLWASH module with its five famous innovative integrated reflectors to ensure a wide, uniform field of light in spaces with high ceilings, Prolicht has designed an addition to this range with the new MAGIQ HOLLOW WALLWASH, with eight fully integrated MDB-W reflectors mounted flush with the ceiling. What’s more, the new MAGIQ PLUS is the first linear wallwasher on a track with adjustment in both directions. The MAGIQ range brings new sizes and shapes, from lines to squares with either 2, 2x2 (square), 4 or 8 linear spotlights.

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MAGIQ SURFACE is now available! Like the frameless versions of the MAGIQ downlights, the brand-new surface-mounted variants offer the freedom in design you need to realize individualized lighting concepts.


With state-of-the-art lighting technology and minimal space requirements, MAGIQ spots impressively highlight the architecture of their setting. Extraordinary WALLWASHERS and SUPER SPOTS provide precise illumination with outstanding visual comfort.

  • HOUSING | The aluminium die-casted housing serves as passive cooling unit. It ensures a perfect heat management and creates the ideal temperature environment for the LED. The housing of MAGIQ 2, 2x2, 4, 8 recessed and MAGIQ PLUS WALLWASH can be obtained in one of the 25+5 PROLICHT colors.

  • MAGIQ WALLWASH | MAGIQ uses highly innovative RDB reflectors which come 20 mm out of the ceiling. The beam angle is 2x60° in the longitudinal direction and 85° in the lateral direction. A patented position of the reflectors ensure a homogeneous and uniform illuminance of the wall. A removable cover hides the reflectors and gives a straight forward minimalistic design to this new concept. The inserts and cover are standard available in white and black.

  • MAGIQ HOLLOW WALLWASH | A very small wallwasher with eight fully integrated MDB-W reflectors is completely flush mounted with the ceiling (reflectors protrude 3 mm from the ceiling) and ensures a longitudinal glare control. The combination of the patented reflectors and a mirror screen guarantees a perfect glare free wallwasher which is almost invisible integrated into the architecture.



Convincing benefits, standardised for all magiQ spotlights.


On request, MAGIQ can be supplied with the latest masterpiece in lens technology: the LFO lenses. Above the black cover with 8 mm openings, the special patented TIR lenses are precisely mounted an exact distance from the insert to ensure a glare- free downlight as no single ray of light hits the surface of the luminaire. The LFO lens comes in 21° and 38° beam angles.




An in-house designed, precise and very deep miniature reflector was key during the development process to guaranteeing maximum uniformity of this downlight with an incredible high cut-off of 21°. This results in a very low UGR, where you only notice the light in the architectural space but not the light fittings. The SUPER SPOT, with a beam angle of 10°, offers accurate and precise illumination over longer distances – for example for high ceilings. Reflectors of 10°, 20° and 40° are also available.


Each MAGIQ spot can be fitted with coloured KORONA CONES in 25+5 PROLICHT colors. The cones are fitted in front of the spots and simply click on. When in use, the KORONA CONEs create a real wow effect: they appear to be colourfully lit from within, without affecting the color of the light. A nice combination could also be a white insert with black KORONA CONEs for optimal comfort.


In the MAGIQ WALLWASH range, PROLICHT uses highly innovative and patented reflectors. The positioning of the 5 multifaceted MAGIQ WALLWASH reflectors in combination with high output LEDs ensures uniform illumination of walls up to 4.5 m hight (PROLICHT VERTICAL BOOST). The new MAGIQ HOLLOW is characterised by its small size and flush-mounted, fully-integrated mini multifaceted reflectors, combined with an angled mirror to offer a glare-free and highly efficient wallwasher, which is perfectly and unobtrusively integrated into the architecture.

The precisely calculated surface of each individual facet allows broad and clean illumination without multiple shadows, even when mounted very close to the wall. The glare-free wallwasher is a perfect solution for offices with a lot of windows and screens, as there is no annoying duplication of the light fitting due to reflections from the glass


The MAGIQ HOLLOW WALLWASH is fitted with eight fully-integrated patented MDB-W reflectors and, with its small and high performance, is completely flush mounted with the ceiling, ensuring an optimised cut-off. This new wallwasher offers excellent uniformity from top to bottom. The combination of the multifaceted reflectors and a mirror screen ensures that no light rays get lost. In-house development of this STEALTH EFFECT is the key to the innovation of this design. The MAGIQ HOLLOW guarantees a glare-free wallwasher, which integrates invisibly into the architecture.


To complete the range, PROLICHT developed the first linear adjustable wallwasher on track. A very clever and well-engineered system allows the client to unlock the reflector body of MAGIQ PLUS WALLWASH and twist it 180° and secure it again in a tight position by means of Plug&Play. The wallwasher itself be adjusted in both directions over 15° (in steps of 5 degrees) due to an ingenious internal tilting mechanism. This is required in case the track is mounted too far away or too close to the wall.