Mobility Headquarters Rotkreuz

Mobility Headquarters

Rotkreuz, Switzerland

Mobility stands for one of the largest carsharing companies in Switzerland. With more than 1,500 locations in Switzerland, just under 200,000 customers per year and a growing awareness of the sustainable use of automobiles, the cooperative is seeing ever-increasing growth.

More than 190 employees work at the Mobility headquarters in Rotkreuz - this also requires a working environment that allows for efficient as well as pleasant working. The interior design of the headquarters itself reveals what Mobility is all about: traffic. The chosen colours are all in shades of gray and the corridors are decorated with a unique street design. Colourful contrasts and eye-catching luminaire formations from GLORIOUS and SUPER-G set skilful accents, while INVADER and BIONIQ luminaires provide comfortable workplace lighting.


Interior Design: RAUMUNDDESIGN | Lightplanning: O. Küttel AG | Photo: Rita Pauchard Fotografie