Joyería Jenaro O Ferrol

Joyería Jenaro Jewelry

Ferrol, Spain

The true value of a piece of jewelry is the soul that a master jeweler lends to it. It's the passion that he brings with him and the perspective with which he focuses on each of his works. In the northwest of Spain, this art dominates none other than the jeweler Jenaro (or in Spanish Joyería Jenaro). Long tradition and deep roots characterise the master jeweler Jenaro Fernández, who has been running his exclusive store for almost 50 years now.

The uniquely designed shop in the port city of Ferrol radiates not only masterly excellence, but also a family character. The architects from STGO Arquitectura have skilfully combined black and golden design elements, which give the jewelry a particularly elegant touch. In addition, GLORIOUS luminaires were deliberately used as further style elements and skilfully emphasise the artful interior. The spots of the product family INVADER and the 2LOOK4 profiles, on the other hand, ensure an unobtrusive and comfortable illumination of the surfaces and showcases.


Architect: STGO Arquitectura | Lightplanning: SPOTLUX Iluminacion | Photo: STGO Arquitectura