Dental Office Dr. Hafner

Dental Office Dr. Hafner

Sulz, Austria

Wellbeing and health are important factors in the design of health care institutions that can be as different as the people inside them. The interior design in particular, combined with the right choice of colour and lighting, can make a noticeable contribution towards helping people to feel as comfortable and safe as possible, despite being in an unfamiliar environment. These factors have a direct effect on the human body. In patients’ rooms, the right lighting makes care and treatment easier, as well as recovery. This dentist's office in Austria serves as a well designed but still highly sterile space which makes patients feel comfortable. This is not lastly owed to the flexibility of the HYPRO Family which allows perfectly tailored lighting concepts for this environment. In combination with suspended GLORIOUS and IDAHO luminaires and well placed INVADER spots a highly sophisticated lighting atmosphere is created to suit the architectural design of this space. The focal point of this interior design clearly is the trimless SUPER-G slim, which works as an eye-catcher and delivers light at the highest quality in the entrance area of the space.

Architect: Hannes Michelon | Lightplanning: Prolicht | Photo: Weissengruber Fotografie