Vitalia Health Store Gruenwald

Vitalia Health Store

Gruenwald, Germany

New shop design for health food chain Vitalia with PROLICHT


Bespoke lighting aids differentiated presentation of goods

Purity, functionality and wellbeing – these three basic principles of the life-reform movement are brought back into focus with a new shop design from VITALIA, Germany’s biggest health food chain with 90 branches. In line with this new architectural style idiom, ORB. Atelier für Lichtgestaltung has developed a new corporate lighting design. Specially developed lighting systems from the Tyrolean premium manufacturer PROLICHT are among those used in the first newly designed shop, which opened in Grünwald, Bavaria, in September 2016.

The new interior design of the VITALIA shops combines modern straight lines with organic shapes and natural materials. Coupled with a vintage touch, they have created an inviting and feel-good atmosphere, which stylistically represents a natural essence as the basis for all VITALIA products and simultaneously harks back to the days when the life-reform movement was born. The low-key design creates a visual sense of calm and always allows the product to take centre stage. The shop concept creates an appealing atmosphere of modern authenticity and a clear identity.

The lighting design provides a consistent continuation of the illumination concept and solves an apparent contradiction: despite the high density of goods and different groups of products in a small space, a calm and attractive impression is created. The materials and colour tones used are consistently matched with the lighting. This makes it possible to create different lighting environments surrounded by balanced background illumination, in which feature lights, underlighting and narrow beam spots achieve differentiated and accented lighting.


Flexible illumination with sophisticated lighting technology

A power rail system integrates both the flexible IMAGINE trackspots and, as a unique solution, the new WALLWASHER from PROLICHT. “The wall-mounted racks of goods are very evenly illuminated, from the top of the stand-out wall panel to the floor, with a clear beam cut-off and good longitudinal glare control,” explains lighting planner Sabine Wiesend. “This means that the products presented are illuminated evenly, right down to the bottom shelf.” The WALLWASHERS are based on the VERTICAL BOOST concept developed by PROLICHT: five multi-faceted reflectors are mounted at different angles in one module. The precisely calibrated surface of each facet provides broad and clean illumination without multiple shadows.

In contrast, the IMAGINE spots illuminate the centre of the room. “The key features of these spots are the excellent glare control, the even illumination and their unobtrusive physical form,” says Wiesend. The five-way adjustable articulated arm and choice of beam angle – 25° in this case – make it possible to adjust them precisely. To highlight individual areas, the PROLICHT SUPER SPOT with a beam angle of a narrow 8° increases the light intensity exactly where it’s needed to emphasise the value of the goods.


Specially developed extra solutions

The versatility of IMAGINE is illustrated by the extra special solution developed by PROLICHT and ORB. The feature light is positioned above a traditional reception desk and adds to the design in terms of material, mood and style. It also allows flexible and precise illumination close to the product, to subtly guide the eye. PROLICHT created the individual design from a plate, three brass tubes and five IMAGINE spots.

With flexibly configurable luminaires, technically high-quality lighting systems and the willingness to develop special solutions, PROLICHT has once again proven to be a specialist for the implementation of extraordinary lighting concepts.


Brand Architecture: VITALIA GmbH, Kristina Kalisch | Campaign: VITALIA GmbH, Florian Stephan | Lightplanning: ORB. Atelier für Lichtgestaltung, Sabine Wiesend | Visual Merchandising: organized with love | Shop Fitting and Project Management: Konrad Knoblauch GmbH