Troll Cosmetics

Troll Cosmetics

Lustenau, Austria

Architecture: Hassler Architektur | Photos: Thomas Gmeiner Photography


Light meets beauty in Lustenau, Vorarlberg. At the heart of Troll Cosmetics GmbH's headquarters, a distinctive workspace emerges for the visionaries behind the renowned 'DECLARÉ' brand. For over 40 years, DECLARÉ has championed sensitive skin, offering dermatologically-tested, potent products. They masterfully blend top-notch care with ultimate compatibility.

PROLICHT crafts the building's ambient and effective lighting. They've seamlessly integrated the MINIMAL TRACK system, the CODE system, and the IMAGINE downlights. These fixtures, sleek and elegant, ensure optimal working conditions. They also infuse the space with a vibe of modernity and style.

The acclaimed architectural firm, hassler architektur zt gmbh from Dornbirn, is the genius behind this structure. They believe in putting needs front and center in good architecture. With an innovative mindset and a keen sense of material and technique, hassler architektur has sculpted a space that truly embodies the 'DECLARÉ' ethos: a fusion of innovation and tradition.