Baguette Natters


Natters, Austria

BAGUETTE & PROLICHT | Partners in Enjoyment

An old German saying goes: „A piece of bread in your pocket is better than a feather on your hat”. And truly there is hardly anything better than a wholesome piece of bread with crispy crust and juicy crumb. But naturally you eat with your eyes first, so a perfectly created atmosphere in which to enjoy a panini, gets as important as the loaf itself.

Now that is no news to David Mölk from Austrian supermarket-chain MPreis. After a quick search he found the perfect partners for his personal bread-vision – Interior Designer Helmut Siebenförcher and Mag. Walter Norz of PROLICHT. Unrivaled at MPreis is the emphasis of Architecture and Aesthetics – always in connection with a keen sense for room and lightness.

Lots of MPreis chain stores incorporate a bakery named Baguette, each of them equally arranged with particular regard to optimized interior design for the daily bread shopping. Some supermarkets where planned by well-known Architects, such as Dominique Perrault, or the Tyrolean Architects Peter Lorenz or Rainer Köberl.

MPreis was awarded the "Lifetime Architecture Achievement Award 2014" (an award for sustainable achievements in the field of architecture) by MONOCLE Magazine.

When it comes to creating atmosphere, high-class architecture needs prime partners. The Tyrolean Company PROLICHT was chosen for showcasing illumination and lighting up space. The in-house know-how and the high flexibility and potential for individualization of the PROLICHT lighting systems, make PROLICHT the perfect partner for customers with extraordinary needs. The collectively designed areas at Baguette offer a noticeable additional value for the customer.

Special, golden bread-LED highlights the breads’ freshness in the shelves and displays and puts the product in its true light.

The counter is well-lit by a profile system with specially designed trimless LED-spots. These spots got moved back a bit into the frame to allow for glare-free shopping. The company name is milled into the profile and gets illuminated from behind, which underlines Baguette’s Corporate Identity.

Generally the play of colours between furniture and luminaires is harmonic and inviting. Once again in this project colour proofs to be the way to go when you want to bring details to life. The suspended ceiling gives the impression of an intermediate construction in the otherwise very tall building, which adds nicely to the comfy feel of the consumption area.

The luminairies colours were chosen to match the colours of the tables and benches. And even the 3-Phase-track and its spots where powder coated with one of PROLICHTS 25 colours, so they would blend perfectly with the wooden paneling. PROLICHTs unique colour assortment makes it very easy to give special attention to such details.

Because one thing is for sure – in the right ambiance good bread tastes even better.

Realisation: Design & Mehr, Siebenförcher | Lightplanning: PROLICHT GmbH | Photo: MPreis