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With the suspended FINO profile system, stringent grid lines and distinctive patterns can be drawn into the space.


Convincing benefits that characterize the suspended FINO system.

The GHOST family creates a light that appears to be from another dimension.

GHOST’s appeal lies in its minimalism: the satin finished diffuser is purist and timeless in design. It surrounds the entire light and creates an even pool of light. The support, a very narrow aluminium backbone, is almost invisible. The frame of the light source blends into the background and all that remains is light in its purest form.

GHOST is the best choice for challenging projects with an extravagant design. Whether you choose the pendant or surface mounted LED variant, GHOST gives exposed spaces such as atriums, lobbies and retail-areas a special twist.

These tubular lights are ideal for unusual lighting installations and provide inspiration for creative solutions. The two variants, the rounded BUNGA or angular FINO offer design flexibility. Both are available either in standard sizes or as a configurable bespoke system. Coloured end caps either provide a focused accent or a harmonious colour scheme.