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The GHOST lighting family creates light as if from another dimension. GHOST derives its appeal from reduction: the diffuser with a satin finish is minimalist and timeless in design. It encases the entire light source, creating a homogeneous illuminated surface. The nearly invisible aluminum support frame pushes the construction of the light source into the background, leaving only light in its purest form.

Newest Family Member BILO


As a new member of the GHOST product family, BILO sets new standards for timeless and elegant design. With its mouth-blown opal glass globe, it becomes an aesthetic highlight, ensuring perfect harmony in any space. With its even light distribution, it is suitable for both general lighting and creating a mood-enhancing, inviting ambiance. As a standalone fixture, it emphasizes its elegant and minimalist aesthetic, while in creative compositions, it takes on a strong artistic character. BILO is available as both a standalone fixture, emphasizing its elegant and minimalist aesthetic, and configurable as an addition to existing profile systems, thereby assuming a strong artistic character. Thus, BILO offers a versatile solution for a range of lighting requirements.






The aluminum end caps can be finished in all 25+5 PROLICHT colors (RAL colors available on request) and thus harmoniously blend into the overall design or make deliberate accents. BUNGA PLUS acts as a real eye-catcher: an aluminum ring, with a colored diffuser in its center, closes the luminaire and makes the ends glow. Both the ring and the diffuser can be combined in various colors.







The round BUNGA and the square FINO have been shaping the GHOST family from the beginning. They impress with their minimalist design as effective light objects. An aluminum backbone supports the high-quality round PMMA diffuser. Through this, the light disperses softly and seamlessly throughout the room. There is a unique opportunity to customize your luminaire with labels (adhesive film) upon request. This allows you to adapt your chosen luminaire to your preferences and needs.






GHOST luminaires combine appealing design with modern lighting technology for a perfect room ambiance. Lighting in our living and working spaces plays a crucial role in our mood and productivity. It's not just about brightness but also about the quality of light.



BILO is based on Chip-on-Board (COB) technology with high color rendering. This enables a more compact design and uniform, surface-like light emission. Additionally, the diffuser that envelops the light source ensures even illumination. The outer shell of the BILO luminaire is made of opal glass. This high-quality material has the unique property of diffusing and scattering incoming light without causing glare.

...meets BILO

…meets BUNGA & FINO




BUNGA and FINO luminaires rely on innovative lighting technology. The built-in PMMA diffuser enhances the light dispersion effect and provides glare-free illumination. The robust and lightweight PMMA diffuser can be easily attached to the aluminum housing. With their satin finish, they create a uniform light pattern. The white powder-coated inserts ensure optimal reflection properties. The LED driver and accessories are cleverly mounted on the back to ensure a harmonious overall design.

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BILO is more than just a light source – it is a true design element. Whether as a standalone luminaire or integrated into our profile systems CLICKTRACK, MINIMALTRACK, and G-CHANNEL, BILO adapts perfectly to any environment.

Our GRAVITY family harmonizes perfectly with BILO, and with our new G-MINI CHANNEL and G-MINI BOARD variants, as well as the proven G-BOARD options, endless design possibilities open up. Integrating BILO into your living spaces creates entirely new ambiences and unlocks untapped potential.

Combine BILO with our other favorites like SNOOKER or HANGOVER and design your home to your liking. All luminaires feature our sophisticated PLUG system, making them easy to swap or replace with each other – your creativity knows no bounds.


















A characterful alternative to the angular FINO is the round BUNGA. Lightweight yet robust, BUNGA can be arranged freely in any space. With the GHOST family, you can create strict grid lines, striking patterns, three-dimensional room-light effects, or irregular light patterns reminiscent of a Mikado game. CONTINUOUS LINES inspired by architecture – using seamless connecting elements – draw attention and transform creative ideas into light.