Tako Restaurant Stockholm

Tako Asian Restaurant

Stockholm, Sweden

The Tako Restaurant in the heart of Stockholm blends Japanese and Korean gastronomy culture with the unique Swedish lifestyle. Whether for lunch, dinner or just for a drink, Tako offers a sophisticated selection of Asian specialties such as sushi, edamame or even the traditionally served sake in a modern Asian ambience. 

The interior concept is strongly influenced by the Asian culture. The dome covered with heavy drapery represents the core of the restaurant. In addition, other stations - such as a sushi bar or a nightclub called Charles - were designed. As a result, the architects from Tengbom have made it to the final of the INSIDE World Festival of Interior Awards with this extraordinary interior concept. 

The lightplanning for the strong restaurant concept has been taken over by the Lightsupport professionals who define the unique architectural environment, especially with the PROLICHT INVADER HANGOVER luminaires. The luminaires in the colour 25 Gunmetal with Korona Cones in the eye-catching 19 Kissing Aphrodite fit perfectly in the overall concept of the restaurant and skillfully set colourful light accents.


Architect: Tengbom & Lightsupport | Realisation: Louis Poulsen | Photo: Felix Gerlach