SEED Health and Wellness Center

SEED Health and Wellness Center

Doha, Qatar

Architecture: Giampiero Peia and Marta Nasazzi | Photos: Peia Associati


Seed Medical Centre is an urban wellness destination that combines ancient wisdom with modern tools and expertise, delivering a holistic ecosystem of comprehensive health, nourishment and healing. Inside are waiting lounges, visiting areas with different specialist doctors, treatment rooms, test and sampling rooms, and offices. Several green areas with tropical plants are inserted within the environment, with specific lights and “artificial skylights” in the public area) designed to support them. The light looks like coming from outside because the software changes the light spectrum like IN NATURE, the air is cleaner, with less co2, more oxygen.

All these results provide a better physical and psychological well-being of the patient, best comfort of the visitors and the staff, all day indoor.

This project represents a new way of "illuminating environments", through the collaboration between PEIA Architects / Robonica Team and PROLICHT. This type of LED has been created capable of reproducing the CIRCADIAN CIRCLE that allows the human body to benefit from it and thanks to a combination of spectrums and colours it also nourishes plants. This type of illumination can be present in any type of project at any scale, as B2B and B2C solutions, from the lamp product to the entire building lighting.


The combination of this specific know-how by light designer and agronomists, with the unique special light technology opens  new frontiers  for innovative lighting among any “green directory”.