Pole Position Oetztal

Pole Position

Oetztal, Austria


From zero to one hundred in seconds, a deep, roaring sound and the feeling of being at one with the road. Super sports cars are for real motor sports fans and they know that the most important thing in car manufacturing is precision. Only the exact combination of all details brings a perfect result, which is just as important for the new Ötztal Pole Position showroom. Large circles of light attract attention from all sides to the luxury cars and motorcycles. The GLORIOUS lights from PROLICHT have two things in common with the car exhibits - their precise processing and their individual configurability.

Pole Position, where the name is key. The car and motorcycle showroom, which opened at the end of 2018, is located directly at the entrance to the Tyrolean Ötztal valley. The showroom also takes a pole position conceptually, because apart from luxury cars and motorcycles, the approximately 1,000 square meter building has its own garage with a modern paint booth and a bistro. From there, car lovers can not only have a look into the showroom, but also watch the mechanics working. Entertainment for the discerning customers is also provided by regular events.

All eyes on ...
The architects Riml & Thaler paid a lot of attention to the design for the new building, making sure that the cars are always in the foreground. Even from a distance, a two-storey glass front ensures a good view of the luxury cars. Viewed from the inside, the large glazing allows the mountain panorama to become a breath-taking backdrop for the car's presentation, while glass and metal materials with black, white and grey colours ensure a subtle combination that lets the floor, walls and ceiling step into the background. The only eye-catcher apart from the cars and motorcycles are the round GLORIOUS luminaires by PROLICHT. Apparently floating weightlessly in the two-storey presentation area of the showroom, drawing attention to Ferrari, Lamborghini and many more.

In the spotlight of GLORIOUS
When choosing the luminaire, electrical engineers Falkner & Riml from Längenfeld looked for the same characteristics as passionate motor fans would in their choice of car. Whoever decides to spend a lot of money for a luxury sports car, would also like to have all his individual wishes fulfilled in perfect quality. Precision and configurability are therefore the non plus ultra. This is also the basis for how the premium manufacturer PROLICHT works. Thousands of combination options allow the planner or customer to create their own tailor-made product, which is then produced accurately and in record time. Currently the assortment consists of 22 individual families. This includes the GLORIOUS series with the circular luminaire of the same name, the triangular version VICTORY and the quadrangular version QUANTUM are also included. All models are available either as recessed, surface mounted or suspended luminaires and in 25 unique PROLICHT colours.

Night attraction
The circular GLORIOUS can be produced on request with a diameter of up to 10 metres, however the requirement in the Pole Position showroom was not that big. Here planner and customer opted for eight pendant luminaires in three diameters: 5400 millimeters, 4000 millimeters and 3100 millimeters. Arranged freely and suspended at different heights, they create an exciting play of light that seems to float above the cars. The body in colour no. 02 Black Velvet stands in the background. With a warm white colour temperature of 3000K, the light rings conjure a pleasantly warm light in the showroom, which is reflected in the glossy polished bodies of the sports cars. The lights are dimmable, so that the lighting mood can be adjusted depending on the time of day or event. Especially at night, the GLORIOUS luminaires create a very special atmosphere also from the outside and draw all the attention to the showroom. "We are often approached by our guests on these light rings and they always want to know who made them” says Heinrich Mallaun, Managing Director of the showroom.


Architecture: Riml & Thaler GmbH | Electrical planning: Falkner & Riml - Renaldo Falkner | Photo: Armin Kuprian