East Coast Mall Kuantan

East Coast Mall

Kuantan, Malaysia

Kuantan, the capital of the Malaysian state of Pahang, is located on the east coast of the Asian peninsular Malaysia. In Kuantan, as in almost every major city, a large shopping center dominates the cityscape: the East Coast Mall is a modern shopping center with an established mix of national and international shops: fashion, entertainment, art & culture as well as local delicacies and international gourmet shops can be found in the ECM.

On the general surfaces of the shopping center, the GLORIOUS luminaires by PROLICHT not only offer perfect lighting, the image of the mall is also characterised by the unique surface lights. GLORIOUS in various sizes and jolly arranged loosen up the atmosphere and adapt to any seasonal decoration. Tailored and powder coated in the colour 03 Crystal White, the luminaires fit perfectly into the overall white and very bright interior of the East Coast Mall.


Lightplanning: PROLICHT | Photo: Wan Tw / Wong Colour Photo Processing Centre