Deutsche Reihenhaus Headquarter - DRH

Deutsche Reihenhaus Headquarter - DRH

Cologne, Germany

Architecture: hell und freundlich & | Photos: Lukas Palik Photography

The Deutsche Reihenhaus AG's main office in Cologne, unveiled in June 2022, represents a harmonious blend of Prolicht's unmatched lighting prowess and the elegant design ethos of the interior architects known as "bright and friendly." Nestled in the vibrant heart of Cologne-Wahn, this expansive building boasts 4,000 sqm of modern office space defined by its sweeping openness and unmatched comfort. Here, each employee enjoys a dedicated workstation set against a backdrop of a warm ambiance, exceptional catering, and innovative amenities such as a state-of-the-art heating-cooling ceiling. One standout feature is the sophisticated HYPRO 40 lighting system. While this project emphasized nodes and primarily light lines, the system's capabilities extend further, seamlessly integrating spotlights and profile-suspended surface lights. Impressively, this forward-thinking design, conceptualized in 2019, showcased its adaptability amid the challenges of the pandemic.