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Light that just goes on and on: NEVERENDING is designed as a continuous expandable system for wall installation and can be extended almost without limits. The minimalist, elegant design of these lights places the lighting effect in the foreground. Like a glowing rail, NEVERENDING runs along the wall and emphasises the geometry of the room. Because they are wall-mounted, these lights are perfect for rooms where ceiling installations are not possible, either due to low ceilings or the absence of electricity connections. NEVERENDING is thus ideal for use as a guidance system for longer routes in any building. 


Endless lines of light: NEVERENDING is a continuous expandable system for mounting on walls and around corners to provide even illumination over long areas.

DIFFUSOR | Satin finished PC diffusers with an optimal uniformity of emission. An optional cover can be ordered to close the up or down part.

REFLECTOR | An angled, white reflector ensures optimal reflection of the LED towards both directions.

LED | The LED modules offer outstanding system efficacy. The modules are standard available in 3000 K and 4000K and in non-dim and DALI DIM version.


The configurable lengths of the aluminium profile can be personalised with engravings. Text, logos or brands – anything can be engraved continuously over the entire length of the system with a maximum height of 50 mm. The engraving can even be highlighted with colour if required, to create a real eye-catcher. Furthermore, light leakage from the top (indirect) or bottom (direct) of the lights can be blocked with light-tight covers or colour stripes (red, yellow, green or blue.


The NEVERENDING system consists out of a U-Shape satin finished PC diffuser to be directly screwed onto the wall on which a aluminium front cover can be mounted without tools. No light leakage is assured by a LIGHT KILLER, an internal coupler between two profiles, in combination with tool-free mounted end caps. Colour accents can be created with different coloured front cover and end caps (25 PROLICHT colours).



The lights can be lengthened to suit your wishes. The profile can run up around and across wall and ceilings creating continuous lines of light. NEVERENDING is thus ideal for use as a guidance system for longer routes in any building. The light can also be fitted with emergency packs (light duration of one to three hours) on request.


The continuous wall-mounted lights offer direct or indirect lighting. An internal reflector directs LED light equally downwards and upwards. An optional cover can be ordered to close the up or down part. Furthermore, a design element can be created by alternating upward or downward light using covers or coloured diffusers (colour stripes available in red, yellow, green or blue), producing a continuous light pattern. NEVERENDING can even be finished in one of 25 PROLICHT colours.