Product Families





HYPRO creates unique new levels of lighting structure and is available in two versions: HYPRO 30 & HYPRO 40. The individually configurable HYPRO 40 can run around and across walls and ceilings, creating three-dimensional continuous lines of light. Both general and accent lighting can be integrated into the HYBRID profile at the same time. LOW GLARE modules in downlights and linear modules characterise the HYPRO 40 profile. Adjustable spotlights in different sizes with a range of lenses and lumen packages are available to complete the family. Installation options include recessed, surface mounted and suspended, and the profile can be installed in walls or ceilings, defining design lines in the building geometry.


All HYPRO 30 modules can be installed and repositioned according to the designer’s requirements without tools, using magnetic modules. In addition to a mechanical connection, the magnetic fixation of the different modules guarantees an electrical connection with the two integrated 48V conductors in the HYPRO 30.

An optional uplight LED module is available for the HYPRO 30. The up- and downlight sections work completely independently of each other and can be controlled separately. The upper section works at 24V.



HYPRO 40 is the multifunctional profile system from PROLICHT. In its latest version, HYPRO-X; this is now also available in a pendant version with indirect ceiling lighting. The HYPRO-X profile system is only 2 cm higher and compatible with all existing HYPRO modules. The indirect light can be controlled individually and indepentently of the direct lighting.



Hybrid U-profiles that can be configured individually in the room make HYPRO a master of flexibility for general and accent lighting. LED inserts, WALLWASHERS and SUPERSPOTS can be easily integrated into the profile, available in a choice of colours.

HYBRID SYSTEM | The individually configurable HYPRO 40 can run up around and across walls and ceilings, creating three-dimensional continuous lines of light with a combination of spots, wallwash, coloured korona inserts and linear lighting. This flexibility allows perfectly tailored lighting concepts.

48 V MAGNETIC MODULES | All HYPRO 30 modules can be installed and repositioned tool-free, according to the designer’s wishes, using magnetic modules. All modules are individually dimmable.

TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION | A surface mounted or suspended slim and minimalist HYPRO 30 profile for magnetically installed hybrid light fittings (spots and general linear lighting) ensures tool-free mounting or repositioning. Freedom is possible with the HYPRO 40 where the modules are fixed onto a movable locking system.


The proportions and the appearance of the successful HYPRO system family are apprehended in the design of the new floor lamp: The HYPRO-F is here! The unique Tunable Focus technology, combined with innovative electronic solutions and an intelligent mechanical design, enable optimal lighting scenarios in the office area.