Product Families


The STUDIO COLLECTION is a new edition of our most successful product families. Our luminaires have been given a touch of luxury. Discover the stunning STUDIO COLLECTION.


Our luminaires have been cleverly redesigned. The use of polished brass and aluminium components has given the luminaires a high quality aesthetic. The STUDIO COLLECTION products are slimmer and more compact. Despite the minimised light exit aperture, the previous high light output and complete absence of glare are maintained.


The STUDIO COLLECTION consists of two models. The metallic properties are reflected in refined details such as the specially designed cover on the front of the product.
Model 1 has a radial pattern and is characterised by its simple elegance. Model 2, on the other hand, makes a strikingly extravagant statement in any room. Both models are available with a brass or aluminium cover.





Studio Collection Invader Anbau Aufputz Strahler Designermöbel Beleuchtung


IMAGINE, HANGOVER and INVADER have been redesigned to take their already outstanding features to a new level. The luminaires feature the highly efficient MICRO DOT optic, which perfectly complements their superior characteristics. The technology of this optic ensures precise light distribution to illuminate your rooms to perfection. Immerse yourself in the world of exceptional lighting design and be enchanted by the fusion of functionality and sophistication.


The STUDIO COLLECTION is based on outstanding design and advanced technology. Each luminaire is equipped with a special LFO lens, which ensures optimum visual comfort and a low UGR (Unified Glare Rating). All luminaires in the range are available with two beam angles: medium and very wide flood. This means that both targeted and wide area lighting is possible.