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Perfect guidance: DELIGHT accent lights provide safe pathways and give a dramatic and aesthetic flair to the lighting of passages or staircases. The efficient DELIGHT accent lights improve building safety by providing excellent direction through hallways or illuminating steps. New reflector technology has been incorporated into this range to optimise lighting uniformity. However, like all PROLICHT families, DELIGHT offers much more than pure functionality: these recessed lights effectively set the scene in corridors, halls or staircases. Whether installed as narrow strips of light or small point lights, mounted to the side in the walls or directly adjoining the floor, these accent lights combine function and design with delightful effect.

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Varied shape and colour design, highefficiency LEDs and a range of fitting options make DELIGHT a flexible choice for safety lighting with a certain flair.

HOUSING | The housing serves a passive cooling unit. It ensures a perfect heat management and creates the ideal temperature environment for the LED.

REFLECTOR | GOOO! Floorwash uses highly innovative RDB reflectors with a beam angle of 2x60° in the longitudinal direction and 85° in the lateral direction.

SIZES | GOOO! Floorwash is available in a square size of 90 mm. The housing can be obtained in one of the 25+5 PROLICHT colors.

FLOOR- & CEILINGWASHER | The reflector technology in combination with the positioning of the reflector throws a homogenous light beam on the floor or ceiling. A new ceiling- & floorwasher generation.


The specially developed reflector provides extremely uniform washlighting of the ground. The GOOO! lamp is maintenance-free and guarantees optimal visual comfort since the beam only illuminates longitudinally, meaning that only a few GOOO! fittings are needed. The square design in two sizes blends into the surrounding architecture. Corridors or staircases in residential or hospitality environments are the perfect places to use GOOO! washlights.


The two STRING variants come with elegant aluminium surrounds. STRING WIDE can be fitted horizontally on the wall, while the other version is designed for vertical installation. The last variant is available in two heights (150 or 250 mm) and with two different widths of light opening (NARROW: 5 mm and WIDE: 20 mm). Playful colour combinations of the frame, reflector and the LED itself, allow the architect to give a personalised touch to any design.


ONLY LIGHT, the frameless variant of the two narrow lights, is installed vertically in the wall and its modest appearance pushes technology to the background – ONLY LIGHT makes walls appear to be lit from within. Mounted directly on the ground as ONLY LIGHT DOWN, this recessed light is ideal for lighting stairs. Mounted directly on the ground as ONLY LIGHT DOWN, an INFINITY EFFECT is created as the floor caresses the wall. The light is glare-free and the triangular pool of light illuminates the full width of the step from the wall out.