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Our existing successful GLORIOUS product family has been further developed in combination with our Acoustic Material. The inner, previously hollow part of our luminaires is now closed with an acoustic panel. This creates a design highlight with an additional acoustic effect and enhances any room.






To match the new GLORIOUS acoustic luminaires, we are proud to present our new Light Panels with the same three geometric shapes. All three panels produce indirect light, creating a homogeneous ceiling appearance. This offers you new possibilities for lighting design and improves room acoustics. The panels are available in 32 colors.

Well-being in a room is one of the most important ingredients for successful working, enjoying or socializing. Two essential aspects of this are good lighting and good acoustics. Studies show that a quiet environment, especially in a professional setting, has a significant impact on increasing productivity and well-being. Too much noise can even be detrimental to health, causing stress, high heart rates and increased blood pressure.


Sound behaves like other energy sources and 'travels' through space. When a sound wave hits a surface in a room, such as a wall, some of the sound is reflected and returned to the room and some is absorbed, depending on the nature of the surface. The higher the absorption coefficient of a material, the better it helps optimize the acoustics in the room.


Sound diffusion refers to the degree of 'dispersion' of sound waves in a room. Those sound waves that are not absorbed by surfaces therefore travel in different directions through the room, creating unpleasant noise. The aim is to achieve the lowest possible diffusion values. To prevent this, acoustic ceiling sails with integrated lighting can be placed directly above noise sources, such as workstations or meeting tables


BYSSO S acoustic luminaire not only offers high acoustic performance but also shines with its lighting technology. Available with opal or micro prismatic cover and also with louvre or glare control for perfect lighting conditions, especially in the office. Available in 2 sizes, BYSSO S is the perfect choice in terms of both room acoustics and lighting technology.


The oversized geometric acoustic luminaire ORBIS PRO adds an enchanting dramatic flair to any room. With two selectable diameters, different diffusers, indirect lighting and many color effects, ORBIS PRO offers the usual endless configuration options to uniquely complete any project.


The discreet design in two sizes, makes this luminaire the ideal companion for other acoustic measures such as ceilings or wall coverings. SENSA PRO is specifically designed to meet the most demanding professional requirements.


From afar, this rounded lampshade presents a classic appearance, but get closer and experience the inherent playful character that sparks life to any space without intruding. Pick from five different sizes or go all-in combining dimensions for an exciting dynamic. 


In line with team’s expectations to make workspaces feel like an extension of their homes, this acoustic lighting fixture achieves just that. The well-balanced geometric shapes contribute structure to a space and can easily be combined in different sizes to give the interior that little extra touch of cosy.


An impressive acoustic luminaire that illuminates anything from conference rooms to communal dining spaces. As the long, rounded silhouette suspends from the ceiling, it creates an intimate atmosphere and contributes a sheltering feeling of home along with an extra touch of cosy.


A fusion of acoustic ceiling canopy and light that meets the highest demands, that is TETRA PRO. Combine different sizes and colors to create a powerful and impressive ceiling that makes a difference.


A product that brilliantly demonstrates our specialty in custom luminaire design. Choose from one of the 28 colours and perfectly match the pattern of the luminaire shade to the  interior design.


For spaces that require maximum focus, this acoustic lighting fixture, of the same name, beautifully marries illumination and acoustics. The high-tech lens ensures an almost invisible light source and offers a non-intrusive design that lets thoughts and ideas dominate the space.


Individualization is a top priority at PROLICHT - each luminaire can be refined with our 32 Acoustic colors. Find the perfect color combination to create the perfect atmosphere for a holistic interior design concept or to set specific accents.


We had to pay tribute to our blue planet with a collection of sea- and sky-inspired hues. As our air and water quality are increasingly under threat, the appeal of nature’s blues becomes stronger. With the power to calm or energise, the lure of the open water and endless skies is precious and eternal. These blues work perfectly both as familiar single hues and in effortless tonal layers to create an immersive environment for focus or restoration.


While color can create a mood, it is the depth or lightness of a hue that truly defines the emotion. Luxury will forever be synonymous with the most pigmented hues, and with an almost velvety aesthetic, these are contemporary shades that enhance polished woods and metals and after-dark venues. While each hue has the strength to stand alone, beautiful effects can be achieved with harmonised pairs.


Our green color preferences are informed by our geography, and with these four hues we aim to capture the essence of greens around the globe. From the cool greens of Nordic pine forests to the yellowed aspect of young wheat, we see Living Greens breathing life into indoor spaces, and an essential palette for the future. Use in tonal layers brings the depth and diversity of green, while a single note can provide an amplifying backdrop to a biophilic space.


With each color family represented from yellow through to both color accents and the zoning and wayfinding of larger areas. There are no rules here with endless possibilities for clashing contrasts or surprising highlights. For a sophisticated use of energetic color, take a single hue and color match contrasting textiles and solid surfaces.


Their beauty lies in their simplicity, and in combination with their childhood familiarity, the addition of almost black and white brings a cool graphic touch. While corporate branding and commeRcial space zoning are natural outcomes for individual primary brights, we see directional applications increasing in importance. The primary story happens when all three main colors are used together, with varied proportions creating differing moods. As with the Energetic Brights palette, combine with coordinating colored textiles and solid surfaces.


In the ephemeral wisp of smoke from a log fire, the slowly shifting clouds above a mountain or a raindrop on a window there’s a sense of gentle motion that soothes the senses. We enhanced these elemental concepts with colors inspired by gentle wildlife. These shades work in harmony with natural textural materials and soften industrial environments. From light to dark and cool to warm, these are the foundations of any scheme where longevity and a mood of calm is desired.


The greatest comfort is often to be found in nature, both in its awe-inspiring grandiosity and its simple beauty. From the rich red of rugged canyons to the soft pink of delicate shells we gathered the perfect hues to create a color mood to comfort, cocoon and protect. Combinations of lighter toned neutrals and pinks have a gently soothing and restorative effect while the more saturated hues make perfect environments for relaxation.


This directional color collection is curated from our core palettes of Elemental Blues, Living Greens and Warm Naturals. Combined with shades from the Quiet Neutrals collection and natural materials, these colors take on a timeless quality. With tonal duos of pink and blue and green, this perfectly balanced group is designed for peaceful plays on light and shade and playful contrast. While the lightest tones have a dreamlike quality, their deeper counterparts add a subtle grounding.

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