In order to create products that not only fulfill every technical demand modern lighting design poses, we try to think outside of the box and cooperate with the best designers and thinkers from all over the world. Our sophisticated technology longs for the right frame to be employed and this can only be reached by working together with designers and lighting specialists to produce holistic solutions that help interior designers and architects to reach their vision.

Over the last years, PROLICHT tried to fuse highly architectural lighting with contemporary design that puts customers at awe. The result can now be experienced through our products and the projects we are able to carry out. The goal clearly is to merge architectural lighting technology with decorative elements to create a unique atmosphere.


Marc Sadler Lullaby Akustikleuchte Leuchtenhersteller Designer Beleuchtung
Marc Sadler Portrait Lullaby Akustik Paneel Designer Beleuchtung Leuchtenhersteller

The collaboration between renowned designer Marc Sadler and Prolicht has led to the exciting development of the Lullaby product family. Marc Sadler is a pioneer in experimenting with materials and crossing different technologies, which has become a characteristic aspect of his work. Lullaby is statement for a new level of lighting, where aesthetic is blending with function, bringing lighting performances and sound absorption to perfection.

Giampiero Peia Robonica Life Stehleuchte Pflanzenleuchte Raumatmosphaere
Giampiero Peia Robonica Portrait Pflanzenbeleuchtung Designer Beleuchtung Leuchtenhersteller

PROLICHT presents the new lamp concept LIFE, designed by Giampiero Peia (PEIA Associati), in collaboration with Robonica. The ever-increasing demand for plants in interior spaces and the need to provide the plants with the right amount of light, even in the absence of direct or indirect natural light, has led to the development of a product, a multifunctional lamp with different configurations, with specific light spectrum and type of light.

Tom Dixon Code Designer Beleuchtung Lichtskulpturen
Tom Dixon Portrait Designer Beleuchtung Leuchtenhersteller Melt Code

We have entered into a global collaboration with Tom Dixon to develop the CODE product family and work together on lighting projects around the world. The collaboration is based on the perfect match of Prolicht's unique manufacturing capabilities and Tom Dixon's iconic style. The relationship began informally several years ago when both companies often worked independently on the same projects. After initial success, Prolicht became the preferred choice for architectural lighting in Tom Dixon's design projects, while Tom Dixon became the first choice for Prolicht when a decorative touch was required. A clear affinity developed between the visions and philosophies of both companies - a symbiosis of technology and design.

Peter Andres X Prolicht Buroleuchte Stehleuchte Arbeitsplatz Beleuchtung
Peter Andres X Prolicht Portrait Designkooperation Leuchten Stehleuchte Bueroleuchte Hypro F

"It's our job to ensure that light makes people feel good." - Prof. Peter Andres, award-winning lighting designer, developed, based on our successful HYPRO system, our latest floorlamp: the HYPRO-F. This revolutionary luminaire is not only equipped with the latest technology in lighting, it's also the timeless minimalistic design that catches one's eye.

Hadi Teherani Leuchte Buero Arcbeitsplatz
Hadi Teherani Portrait Buerobeleuchtung Designer Beleuchtung Leuchtenhersteller

“Through the synthesis of architecture and design, a successful composition can evolve to create an atmospherically perfect room” - our new luminaire HADI is named after its exceptionally talented and renowned designer Hadi Teherani. His work is characterized by innovative ideas, an emotive statement and a specific architectural design language.