Landlease Office Sydney

Lendlease Office

Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

For 60 years now, Lendlease has been one of the most international recognized architectural and construction companies. The vision of the well-known corporation has always been to create places that inspire and enrich the lifes of people around the world. Lendlease's projects include the International Quarter in London, the Time Warner Center in Manhattan and Citylife - the newly redeveloped Fiera Milano. In all projects, the company relies heavily on safety, sustainability and innovation - but Lendlease also designs its own office buildings in that way that employees can inspire and develop themselves in their jobs.

The location in Darling Harbor / Sydney exudes a particularly bright and modern flair. The charismatic interior is underlined and animated by deliberately set alternating warm and cold colour accents. The lighting was also deliberately chosen in the Darling Harbor Office: the trimless SIGN and recessed GLORIOUS luminaires in various sizes radiate a discreet creativity, while spots of the BIONIQ product range create a pleasant and stimulating working atmosphere. Furthermore, the subtle FINO luminaires of the GHOST product family were used to design unique effects on the ceilings.


Photo: Nicole England