Caprice Showroom Detmold

Caprice Showroom

Detmold, Germany

The goal of the German shoe manufacturer Caprice is to develop shoes that make the ground appear cloud-like while running. In the course of our lives, our feet carry us about 4 times around the world - Caprice wants to make that easier with their shoes and under the motto "walking on air". With various international patents - such as on-air technology or anti-Schokk heels - the shoe manufacturer repeatedly produces high-tech as well as comfortable and trendy shoe collections.

With the showroom in Detmold, Caprice further emphasises the cloud-like feeling: the interior is finished in matching colours - cloud white and sky blue - and is intended to further emphasise the manufacturer's motto. The elegant design of the showroom is illuminated with the particularly elegant SIGN DIVA luminaires - also held in a cloud-white, the suspended luminaires accentuate the elegant and professional style and appearance of Caprice.


Architect: Sommerburg + Winterschloss | Lightplanning: DEGESPO/Hövelbrinks | Photo: Caprice Schuhproduktion GmbH