Visual Optimisation Baffle

For the OIKO COMFORT, PROLICHT offers a VISUAL OPTIMISATION BAFFLE. It sits as a ring in front of the reflector, improves glare control and gives the lamp a different look and feel. The baffle can be finished in one of the 25+5 PROLICHT colours upon request.

Depending on the colour, the baffle can be used to achieve specific lighting effects. For example, the „24 GOLDEN HEART“ colour gives the OIKO spots a warm, pleasant light mood. A baffle in „02 BLACK VELVET“ improves glare reduction and increases the level of visual comfort as a result. Modified in „03 CRYSTAL WHITE“, the baffle and OIKO lamp fit in discreetly with the ceiling surface, thereby avoiding the appearance of dark holes in the ceiling.

With individually selected colours, OIKO complements any interior design concept and becomes an elegant hallmark.


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