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The suspended SNOOKER Shine spots with a surface canopy allow manual adjustment of the wire suspension: the spotlights are available with a rope length of 2 or 4 meters and can be manually shortened or lengthened as often as required by rolling it into the canopy.

A special feature of the SNOOKER Shine product line is the transparent Korona Shine ring, which is available in 6 different colours. This ring is easy to replace and, thanks to a sophisticated technology, illuminates indirectly without the need for an additional light source.

A well-thought-out docking system also guarantees fast replacement and fast interlocking of the various SNOOKER modules: the luminaires can be exchanged as desired (even with other luminaires such as the INVADER Hangover Plug), thus giving a room a new face over and over again.

The integrated lens optics of the SNOOKER Shine spotlight allows a beam angle of 55°. The LFO technology from Bartenbach offers maximum effect with a minimal light emission opening.

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