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The SIGN Diva Flex luminaire is a pendant luminaire suspended vertically from a pipe with a flexibly swiveling luminaire head. The luminaire can be rotated 170° in both directions, as well as angled by 80° or 90°. It is available in 5 different luminaire sizes and 2 different tube lengths. With effective diffusers, Korona effects and many other selectable options, the creativity in the individual configuration is virtually unlimited.

The KORONA Shine colour ring is illuminated as a playful lighting element and is available in 6 colours for models with diameters of 200, 400 and 570 mm.

The Sparkling Secret diffuser sets the gloss effect particularly well in the scene, while the Vintage Industrial diffuser creates its own optics for different viewing angles. An opal and microprism diffuser complete the diffuser line for SIGN Diva Flex.

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