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The Korona variant of the unique SIGN Diva Dancer is a special pendant luminaire with flexible appearance. The luminaire is infinitely rotatable through 180°, the arm can be tilted by +/-50° in increments of 10 and the luminaire head itself can be tilted +/-90°. These functions allow the luminaires to be adjusted to completely individual positions and can thus be adapted to a changing interior.

The SIGN Diva Dancer Korona luminaire offers a multitude of customisation options for this exceptional flexibility:

They can be equipped with 4 different diffusers:
- Opal diffuser for even area illumination
- Microprism diffuser for a particularly good glare reduction
- Sparkling Secret diffuser for a particularly sparkling shine effect
- Vintage Industrial diffuser for an appearance that varies according to the viewing angle

The special Korona design feature is a recessed reflector, which makes the inner edge of the light frame visible. This border can be designed in one of the 25+5 PROLICHT colours and offers an effective and unique design option. The luminaire head itself as well as the pole and the canopy can also be individually coloured.

The possibilities of movement remain even with the large sizes of the SIGN Diva Dancer - here an integrated carriage on the ceiling or a fastening wire on the pole helps to achieve the desired positions.

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