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The MAGIQ Plus Wallwash track spotlight is the first adjustable linear wallwasher for rail systems. The reflector body of the MAGIQ Plus Wallwash can be rotated through 180° and, thanks to Plug & Play, firmly fixed again. The tilting mechanism allows tilt adjustment up to 15° (in 5° steps). This creates flexibility and safety, for example, if a rail was mounted too close to the wall.

As with the MAGIQ Wallwash and MAGIQ Hollow Wallwash luminaires, an optimised RDB reflector from Bartenbach is used to ensure uniform lighting.

The positioning of the 5 reflectors ensures uniform illumination of walls up to 4.5 metres in height (PROLICHT Vertical Boost).

On request, the center reflector can be produced in white to avoid a clearly visible line between dark and illuminated areas at the level of the rail, thus creating an elegant light transition (fade-out) in the direction of the ceiling.

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