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Our high-tech spotlight series BIONIQ allows lighting at the highest level. The Encapsulated Adjustment System (EAS) of the BIONIQ Round Adjustable trimless spotlight allows an externally barely perceptible setting change - and in a range of up to 355°/30°.

An optimised concentric system allows almost simultaneous turning and tilting of the spotlights - this saves time and creates flexibility.

A special mounting frame allows mounting in ceilings with a thickness of 10 to 15 mm. An uncomplicated unlocking system enables the removal of the entire unit, for example for maintenance. With the One Lock System (OLS), the horizontal rotation and the vertical tilt position can be fixed with a single screw - quickly and efficiently.

There is no unwanted light leakage in the entire BIONIQ family, which is a great advantage for installation in acoustic and perforated ceilings or even shelves.

The difference between the variants Adjustable and Semi Adjustable is a tilt of 30° or 10°. The LED light is embedded in the Deep version 50 mm deep.

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