Altering the cone of light

With technical accessories PROLICHT lights can be adapted to meet personal needs or challenging room situations in the best possible way.

PROLICHT offers an efficient possibility to do so with lenses from the PROLICHT LENS PACK. These interchangeable lenses are easy to install in the spotlight. They coordinate the lights to suit your application and demands. The lenses optimise visual comfort in the lighting situation in question, without the need to alter the lighting system.

Using a linear spread lens, the light cone can be stretched into a long oval, for example. Lights modified like this are excellent for illuminating passages and corridors without projecting arcs onto the walls. A diffuser lens or spread lens made of structured, toughened glass softens the accentuating light of a spotlight and thus reduces the sharp delineation of the arc.

To increase visual comfort, a honeycomb grid can be used. It can be combined with all lenses.