A whole series of diffusers, such as the new SPARKLING SECRET and VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL, complete the PROLICHT diffuser range in addition to OPAL and MICROPRISMA diffusers.

SPARKLING SECRET | With the sophisticated surface structure of the SPARKLING SECRET diffuser, an unsurpassable brilliance can be brought into the room atmosphere. A particularly high light transmittance of 92% allows the LEDs to show through and thus a particularly sparkling appearance. With this decorative look, SPARKLING SECRET is perfectly suitable for HOSPITALITY areas, where a impressive look is respected.

VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL | The diffuser made of thermoplastic material has a prismatic honeycomb grid and offers an especially pleasant lighting effect due to an additional diffuser. As the name implies, the VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL diffuser has a high functionality with a simple design. Due to a changing appearance depending on the viewing angle (honeycomb grid good to barely visible) the diffuser offers a unique picture.

MICROPRISM | This diffuser with its special prismatic structure at the surface ensures extremely high visual comfort. The MICROPRISM diffuser is ideal for the illumination of workplaces because it is low blended by the special design. This diffuser allows <19 UGR values ​​to be achieved, providing perfect lighting conditions for a variety of CORPORATE applications.

OPAL | Made of highly translucent and durable PMMA, this diffuser offers uniquely homogeneous illumination. The OPAL diffuser in combination with the POINT technology (central stabilisation ensures the perfect positioning of the diffuser) provides sensationally wide beam angles, especially in the SIGN product family. This means that particularly large rooms can be lit evenly and effectively with just a few luminaires.