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Colour renders reality


Modern LEDs offer unique possibilities to stage your products. The LEDs high monochromatic colour fidelity allows for the creation of lighting for very special pruposes. PROLICHT offers special LEDs for every lighting requirement. Be it Gold+, Freash Meat, Meat+, Art or Fashion - with SPECIAL LEDs and PROLICHTs intelligent reflector technology luminaires can be perfectly optimized to meet the needs for different areas of application.

GOLD+ | Is perfectly suited to illuminate quiet and atmospheric areas. Colours of fashion get displayed in a natural way because of the daylight-like light from the Fashion-LED. With its higher share of red, the Meat+ LED gives a fresh and delicious look to meat.

MEAT+ | Meat emerges in a more saturated, appealing red. White parts of the product might also appear slightly reddish.

ART | Staging pieces of art without influencing the perception of individual colours.

FASHION | Brilliantly orchestrating the entire colour range in garments without impairing colour perception.



The Colour Rendering Index (CRI, dt. Ra) states the colour fidelity of a light source, compared to a reference light. CRI = 100 means, that the colour impression of the re-emitted test colour spectra is absolutly identical between test and reference light source. The smaller the CRI-value, the bigger the colour gap while even negative values are possible. DIN 6169 defines 14 test colours, but only the first 8 (all pastel colours) are used for the actual determination. This considerably limits the significance of the CRI.

A better way to judge the colour quality of a light source is by taking the special colour rendering indices for saturated colour, for example Red (R9) or Blue (R12), into consideration. The current CRI-value does not describe colours predominant in skintones, art, clothing or food. Especially the R9- value is of high importance for the illumination of goods in the retail-sector. With SPECIAL LED (e.g. Fashion), PROLICHT offers illuminants that delivery extraordinary values over the entire spectrum.


The CRI is calculated from the first 8 pastel colours.
The first saturated colour is Red and shows low values quite often.

CRI / R9 conventional LED