Simplicity is the secret of OIKO PRO. Its clever design makes it easy to use in all conditions, impeccable in its performance and transversal to any application.


The OIKO PRO’s appearance is minimalistic, consistent among all the available shapes and thus disappearing in the architecture: the only thing you will notice is its perfect light emission.

THe power of compactNESS

More than 1000 lm delivered from a super compact downlight, with the best possible quality of light, in a size suitable for almost any kind of ceiling. That’s what the OIKO PRO is designed for offering the perfect solution for each project among the great variety of its available configurations.


Das Gehäuse des OIKO PRO wurde speziell für eine einfache Installation entwickelt. Ein Standardausschnitt mit Ø68mm bietet nach der Installation ein einheitliches Erscheinungsbild für eine Vielzahl von Funktionen.

State-of-the-art reflector technology

The most advanced Bartenbach reflectors used in the OIKO PRO offer the purest beam angles. The result is complete light control without any secondary light beams and perfect light distribution even for the Tunable White LED source.

Everything under control

For the total control and maximum personalization of the optic, each module can be equipped with an elliptical or spread lens, or with a honeycomb fi lter..

dual Wallwash function

The OIKO PRO features a unique double-function wallwash reflector, capable of perfectly illuminating a vertical surface while serving as a downlight at the same time.

A Solution for EVERy environment

All versions of the OIKO PRO, including the Wallwash optics and the Tunable White version, are also available in an IP54 adaptation, suitable for installations in wet zones.


OIKO PRO is also available in a special installation variant for concrete ceilings. The additional outer ring can be ordered in one of the 25 PROLICHT colors.