Different Lighting - Different Perception


Differentiated lighting moods guide perception - Lighting influences our subconscious and influences our feelings and decisions. The same place bathed in a different light looks like a different world. Precise lighting planning allows a range of different moods to be created in one room, making it possible to calculate the perception of the room. The premium manufacturer PROLICHT can now virtually illustrate the effect that retailers can create with its high-tech lighting solutions: two shop scenes are illuminated in four lighting moods, or LIGHTMOSPHERES, drawing the audience into the room in individual and very different ways.

The world of retail demands lighting solutions that will maximise the draw of a room with emotionally appealing and atmospheric illumination. It’s the only way that shops and retail spaces can offer an ambience of wellbeing and inspiration, and it is only then that the length of stay and successful sales can be increased. The choice of lighting concept essentially depends on how the visitor is to be drawn into the seductive world of shopping. That’s exactly why PROLICHT has developed four different lighting moods, or LIGHTMOSPHERES, as the manufacturer has named them. The effect has been applied to two virtual shops, in HIGH FASHION and INDUSTRIAL CHIC styles. The CALM, HIGHLIGHT, STAGE and EXCELLENCE LIGHTMOSPHERES immediately show how the lighting mood alters the perception of a room and the goods on show within it.

The CALM lighting concept is characterised by uniform, bright illumination with few shadows. Under this homogeneous and peaceful light, which does not place any particular focus on zoning or goods, the room appears low-key and pleasant. The discreet lighting supports the presentation of goods and interior design with an outstanding lighting effect.

The STAGE lighting concept provides a theatrical atmosphere: The high-drama lighting scheme with extreme contrasts and tightly limited points of light immediately draws the attention to selected products or zones. The other areas of the room remain somewhat darker. The stage-like arrangement creates visual depth and brings objects to life with highlighted details and stark shadows.

The HIGHLIGHT light concept brings individual products and zones to the fore with very bright, clearly delineated illumination. The intense lighting areas give the whole room a brighter feel. At the same time, they break up the retail area and guide the eye towards the goods on which the focus should fall.

The EXCELLENCE lighting offers a particularly balanced lighting mood for a unique illumination solution. Peaceful and balanced lighting relationships create a pleasant background atmosphere without shadows. A complete lack of glare and superb colour reproduction ensure the best possible presentation of the goods. At the same time, the products and design highlights in the space are brought into the limelight clearly and individually. The differentiated lighting with a range of brightness levels shapes the room and provides accents while remaining harmonious.





Behind any atmospheric lighting concept, there will always be the laws of physics and biological factors: the perception of light alters depending on the direction from which the beam of light enters the eye. The most light-sensitive areas of the human eye primarily respond to vertical lighting. That’s why the relationship between vertical and horizontal lighting is of fundamental significance for the effect of a room. With an experienced partner like PROLICHT, lighting planners can allow their ideas and skills free rein, the individually configurable high-tech luminaires from the PROLICHT factory make all kinds of professional lighting design possible. The wallwashers developed by PROLICHT with VERTICAL BOOST provide uniform and glare-free lighting even for tall wall spaces and large areas. The perfect addition for vertical lighting is, for example, the extremely narrow-beam SUPER SPOTS from PROLICHT. With beam angles of under 10°, they provide precise accents and contribute to the extraordinary effects created by the stronger focuses of the HIGHLIGHT, STAGE and, EXCELLENCE lighting concepts. 

PROLICHT stands for bespoke shop lighting with a unique lighting effect, technically sophisticated mechanisms and extreme ease of use – lighting design without compromise.