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Lighting Design

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Seductive Lighting Design

Space and light – without the one robbing the other of its effect. A space is only made visible by light, and light can only be reflected by spatial boundaries. The lighting in a room influences the human subconscious and thus our feelings and decisions. That’s a fundamental discovery for the retail industry.

With a partner like PROLICHT, lighting can be used to the best psychological effect in the shop: Many years of experience in retail mean that the premium manufacturer’s high-tech facility can produce individually configurable luminaires, from spots to surface lighting, allowing a precise lighting design that is easily adaptable to suit a wide range of shop concepts.

A pleasant atmosphere in the room increases the amount of time spent in a shop. Setting an appropriate scene heightens the appeal of the goods on offer and emphasises their actual value. This effect can only be created if space and light are tailored to each other. Lighting design has a decisive impact on duration of stay and sales success and, like the light itself, consists of a spectrum of different components. Parameters such as the architecture of the room, the type of goods or the target audience set the basis for the lighting design: Stylish fashion has to be presented differently to cool technology or exclusive fine foods’. A multi-floor gallery differently to a small shop. However, the aim of the lighting design remains the same: the lighting draws visitors in and guides them meaningfully through a seductive world.


The eye is guided by the light

The detail of the lighting design is worked out on this basis: General lighting to ensure sufficient brightness, accent lighting to highlight individual areas. When used correctly, lighting guides the shopper’s eye and leads it to the desired area – the zoning within the shop can be experienced by means of the light. Different retail areas can be differentiated from each other using various lighting. Marginal zones such as vertical areas or shelves can be particularly well highlighted. The display windows, entrance, changing rooms or checkout area also require their own solutions, tailored to their individual functions.

The right light colour also helps to sell goods such as clothing, jewellery or meat. This only works if the right LEDs are chosen to suit the goods being presented, for example, to achieve high colour reproduction or to emphasise the freshness of foods. IR and UV-free LEDs are also beneficial for lighting-sensitive goods such as chocolate,

The energy-efficiency of lighting and the associated energy costs also play an ever-greater role. With proactive lighting, appropriate planning and energy-efficient illuminants, the operating costs can be significantly reduced.


Lighting design with flexible luminaires

However, the detailed lighting design must be very flexible, because the way the goods for sale are presented often varies according to trends and seasons. Consequently, lighting concepts that can be adapted easily to suit the interior design and yet simultaneously retain the basic concept of the lighting design are ideal. High-tech and forward-looking plans are what is needed here: luminaires mounted on a rail system allow adaptation to the POS. Easily interchangeable lenses or reflectors mean that beam angles or impression can be optimised to suit new requirements. Luminaires and spotlights, which are simple to set up and precise to adjust, can be configured more quickly.

A lighting design that incorporates changes and reconfigurations from the very start blends visually into the shop concept, even after the lighting is changed. The better the luminaires are designed and manufactured in terms of concept, lighting effect and functional technology, the better the effect of the lighting design will be. This is not limited to shops; it applies equally to hotels, restaurants or private homes. High-tech luminaires mean that alterations are easy to make without changing the overall character of the lighting.


Shop lighting specialists

Lighting for this kind of application is a PROLICHT speciality: with spots such as BIONIQ and CENTRIQ or its new wallwashers and mini wallwashers, the manufacturer provides bespoke systems to retailers. The new wallwashers developed by PROLICHT with VERTICAL BOOST, for example, provide uniform lighting even for tall wall spaces of up to 4.5 m with superb visual comfort – and without illuminating the floor. In contrast, PROLICHT spots are perfect for use as accent lighting: with precise beam angles from wide to an extremely narrow 6° and position adjustment to the precise degree, these luminaires allow rapid and precise direction of the light output.

Experience, know-how and the extraordinary skill of the in-house lighting laboratory all contribute to the development of PROLICHT luminaires. Prototypes are 3D printed, and extensive measurement options and ultra-precise reflector technology allow direct testing and precise adjustment of newly developed products. Each product can be configured in a number of ways and can be manufactured in five days, with a minimum batch size of one. Furthermore, the manufacturer also offers special designs and individual solutions. These also include individual lighting designs to strengthen brand identity.

PROLICHT stands for bespoke shop lighting with a unique lighting effect, technically sophisticated mechanisms and extreme ease of use – lighting design without compromise.