Home makes a difference

Even at home, the right light creates a special atmosphere. The suitable lighting concept in the home not only creates new dimensions, but also protects the environment in the best case. With its infinitely configurable luminaires, PROLICHT offers the optimum choice for energy-efficient and unique home lighting.

Living room, bedroom, bathroom , kitchen - the lighting in the LIVING area must meet some requirements. Each room should be provided with a lighting plan that corresponds to its function. For example, luminaires with the IP54 protection class can be installed in bathrooms and other damp rooms, and luminaires with NATURAL DIM function ensure a suitable mood, regardless of the time of the year or the season. With the 25+5 PROLICHT colours, the luminaires also fit into any color and room concept.

In addition to optimal basic lighting in living spaces, highlights and accents can also be set with a suitable lighting concept. The product family DICE or even INVADER are particularly suitable for this because they can be designed individually and with your Desiogn special eye-catcher. The DICE WALL also ensures a WOW effect with its special light emission.

The DELIGHT product family also ensures perfect orientation in the LIVING area. The energy-efficient recessed luminaires in different variants ensure safe paths and give the illumination of corridors or stairs an emotional and aesthetic flair.