One Piece Flow

Quality from Beginning to End

Whether a single piece or a complex, complex project - PROLICHT treats each with the same care and enthusiasm and in the constant awareness that perfect execution and highest quality are the benchmark. With PROLICHT you are always on the pulse of the times. Thanks to the modern and efficient manufacturing processes, PROLICHT makes each luminaire to order, just as the future owner wishes. Stock goods are a foreign word at PROLICHT.

Each PROLICHT light is a custom-made single piece, in whose conception and implementation a lot of passion flows. An individual lighting is also an expression of personality, so it is very important to us to make each product just as it is needed. Because every object, every room and every project is unique and that's what we want to express with our lights.

Made to order in record time - we guarantee to produce and deliver each luminaire individually within 5 days. This is how we create unique flexibility and unique items in record time