All luminaires in
All luminaires in


Individualisation is very important to PROLICHT. Each luminaire is produced just to order and according to the wishes of the customer - there is a large selection of configuration options for each product available in advance. In addition to form, mounting and lighting technology, these options also included the selection of 25 unique colours with which the lights could be finished.

These colours were extended by a metal edition in spring of 2019: 26 Champagne Cream, 27 Copper Mine, 28 Ancient Bronze and 29 Jazz Gold now complete the colour palette of PROLICHT.

Colour creates the basis for creativity - with colours you give a room an optical as well as an emotional face and the right colour selection is an essential point in every conception. Small colour accents can make a big difference - with the choice between 25+5 different PROLICHT colours (including a natural aluminum look), it is now possible to adapt each luminaire design to the respective overall concept or to set specific accents.

25+5 unique colours and surfaces, infinitely combinable to an infinite number of manifestations, serve to harmoniously round off a holistic interior design concept or to set specific accents.

Colours complete the room atmosphere. The PROLICHT colour palette offers 25+5 specific colours and infinite colour combinations, from timeless classic over natural organic to fresh, vibrant color tones or rich to opulent colour shades. Warm colours create a cozy, communicative atmosphere, while cold colours are rather simple and functional. The combination with white weakens colours whereas black strengthens them.