Spaces to make a difference

As different public spaces may look, so are the lighting requirements for them. Whether shopping malls, museums, schools, universities, kindergartens, hospitals, fitness centers - the lighting concepts must be tailored to the needs of these different places.

The lighting in the PUBLIC area has to fit harmoniously into every room concept and can also play a significant role in interior design. In shopping centers, for example, there are usually large areas that should be as stylish and inviting as possible. Here, PROLICHT offers a range of luminaires that, thanks to their individual configuration, can be turned into ideal eye-catchers in large rooms.

In public areas, in addition to the design, orientation is also an important topic. For this purpose PROLICHT offers with the product families NEVERENDING or even SUPER-G the perfect solution to create well thought-out concepts. For SUPER-G we have also set up the possibility to quickly and intuitively configure models with standard radii and thus to be able to easily and simply integrate the individual luminaire into any lighting concept. Click here for the SUPER-G configurator!